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Using Islamic Mugs as Gift

Regardless of the relationship that you’ve established, there’s an Islamic mug design intended for it. But you need to apply careful consideration in choosing the right mug design in order for this thing to work. The texture, size, feel and the shape are just the initial parameters that must be considered. As it turns out, choosing a mug is a lot harder than what we have thought it is going to be.

So to ensure that you’re making the right choice, here are a few factors that you must make yourself aware of.

Number 1. Do you want a picture or a quote – say that you plan of giving them to someone who is close to you, then it will be a good idea to put their photo on the mug. No doubt, personalized mug is going to make anyone’s day. You may simply give a mug that has a quote in it if you are planning to give the mug on either a semi-formal or formal occasion or perhaps, to someone who is not that close to you. There’s quote for almost any occasion these days.

Number 2. Consider the mug size – this is one factor that a lot of people overlook when choosing an Islamic mug gift. You should pick the size of your mug depending on the occasion and the purpose that it’ll be given. Basically, the medium sized mug is an all-in-one mug that can be given as gift to those close to you on any occasion. Petite mug may be unconventionally used like a show piece.

Number 3. Customize the mug – there are mugs that are made using ceramics or glass. At the moment, there’s no shortage for quirky mug designs and styles in the market. Despite the fact that getting a mug with a picture or quote is a good idea, trying to customize it is way better. You can talk to a gifting gallery and have your personalized message printed on the Islamic mug. In addition to that, you can get a set of mugs with the message printed to it. This is deal for anniversaries, marriage celebrations and bachelor parties.

Gift wrapping the mug could be daunting if it is not done correctly. Care needs to be applied that the mug is placed in a cardboard that snugly fits its size. The cardboard box must not have indentations as well. Aside from that, cardboard box of another appliance or object will unintentionally create a feeling as if you’re not giving much effort to it.

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